follow the wind…

The wind blows where he wills, and we do not know which direction will take tomorrow. What is certain is that it drives a new development trend for global economy. Let us follow the wind and exploit its power.


  • Conducting contract negotiations
  • Supporting in establishing start-ups
  • Keeping the administration of wind farm projects
  • Business analysis of wind farms
  • Financial controlling of wind projects


Wind Energy Consulting was established in 2015 in response to increasing demand for consulting services in the field of wind energy on the Polish market. The company is mainly specializing in supporting customers in negotiations with wind turbines’ manufacturers and other suppliers involved in realization of wind projects.


We invite you to contact us by mobile phone or email. We are at your service and will be happy to answer all your questions.


A comprehensive consulting in the field of wind energy.

Wind Energy Consulting helps companies to enter wind business in Poland by providing necessary information based on market knowledge, news and experience as well as by carrying administrative services. Wind Energy Consulting cooperates with external partners whose experience was gained from the very beginning of wind business in Poland. We invite you to cooperation.

Wind Energy Consulting
Walońska 9/21, 50-413 Wrocław, Poland
mob. +48 602 411 317, e-mail:
NIP: 851-240-41-99, REGON: 320245202

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